Sample Program / Flyer
"Ron Gross calls Socrates up from the past
to invigorate and enrich our lives today."

Michael Gelb, author of
How To Think Like Leonardo

"Socrates is back – the Greek sage (portrayed by
award-winning speaker Ron Gross) has hit the
speaker’s circuit and is helping groups to think
more creatively."

Meetings & Conventions magazine

Imagine spending an evening with the most beloved friend, wittiest companion, and wisest "executive coach" of all time. Socrates is a real blast from the past – who can help you forge your future!

You’ll experience what it was like to live amidst "the glories that were Greece," as Socrates shares his adventures wielding his famed "Method" in the marketplace, out-drinking and out-philosophizing his friends at the most famous dinner party in Western history, fighting for his life at the age of 70 at his famed Trial, and making the decision to take the hemlock (which launched our tradition of Civil Disobedience).

Enlivened with video, slides, costume, and theatrics, this unforgettable encounter with "The Gadfly" will inspire you to apply his sevenmaster keys to using your mind to the utmost. "Ron Gross calls Socrates up from the past to invigorate and enrich our lives today," declares Michael Gelb, author of the best-selling How to Think Like Leonardo. Ronald Gross is the author of Socrates’ Way: Seven Master Keys to Using Your Mind to the Utmost, and chairs the Seminar on Innovation at Columbia University in New York City.

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