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"Ron Gross calls Socrates up from the past
to invigorate and enrich our lives today."

Michael Gelb, author of
How To Think Like Leonardo

Socrates is back – the Greek sage (portrayed by
award-winning speaker Ron Gross) has hit the
speaker’s circuit and is helping groups to think
more creatively."

Meetings & Conventions magazine

Imagine meeting Socrates face-to-face, and hearing at first hand about the most dramatic moments in his life -- enlivened with gorgeous slides of classical Greece, authentic costume, and dazzling theatrics. He’s a real blast from the past – who can help you forge your future with his seven keys to using your mind to the utmost.

Socrates steps off the marble pedestal of history to vividly describe how:

- He wielded his famed Socratic Method in the Athenian marketplace, amidst his fellow-citizens clashing in their own "war on terrorism,"

- He summoned the courage to stand in the front lines of Athenian soldiers facing the dreaded Spartan cavalry -- and rallied his comrades to turn the tide of battle.

- He played the role of "Gadfly", challenging the know-it-alls and the powerful of his time, as do the dissidents, whistle-blowers, and protestors of our day.

- He out-drank and out-philosophized the other witty guests at the most famous dinner party in Western history – and was almost seduced…by a man (Alcibiades, a 5th century Athenian combination of Warren Beatty and Henry Kissinger).

- He fought for his life at the age of 70, with his immortal "Apology" to the jury – then got to propose his own penalty for his "crimes". (How would YOU have voted?)

- He chose to take the hemlock (he could easily have escaped) -- and explained WHY to his oldest friend, Crito, at 4 a.m. in the tiny jail cell, the night before his death. (In making his decision, Socrates launched the great tradition of Civil Disobedience which inspired Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandella and Martin Luther King.)

Sure, you learned about Socrates and his times in school and college, and how the 5th century Greeks gave us Democracy, Medicine, Architecture, Theater, Philosophy, the Olympics, and respect for the Individual. Now is your chance to actually experience him "live" – and ask him any question you like: "How did you make a living?" "What did you think about slavery?" "Were you happy?" Share YOUR reactions to his life-style, his decision to take the hemlock, and his philosophical ideas.

Socrates is a blast from the past who can help you forge your future.

We provide everything you need to make your sponsorship of SOCRATES a complete success, including:

- promotional materials for marketing and media promotion
- a Playbill-style Program and other hand-outs
- major audience participation through both Q & A and major group Exercies (if desired)
- substantial customization to relate Socrates’ principles to YOUR audience, occasion, or issues

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